Dani Vaccaro

When you work with Arrow Business Solutions you’re working with an experienced professional with years of credit card processing industry knowledge. 

Arrow Business Solutions has over 15 years experience in the world of card processing and payment technology. Proudly serving merchants in all industries including hotels, restaurants, retail, business to business, and non-profits. 

Arrow Business Solutions is owned by Dani Vaccaro “the German gal”.  I came to the USA in 2001 from Munich, Germany.  As with many immigrants I struggled working three jobs to make ends meet.  But with my professional business background from Germany I was able to embrace the opportunity to start a successful commission only sales career with a nationwide payment processor.

Through that position I encountered many young and old entrepreneurs starting their own businesses.  I  encountered former middle management workers being laid off in the middle of the recession and then founding thriving companies.  Through all of them I saw the amazing American spirit stand up, plowing through difficulties, refusing to say “I quit”.  They press on every day, living the American Dream of opportunity, seeking a better life for themselves, their families, their communities.  Building and growing their businesses in ever changing market conditions and creating jobs for America.  I deeply respect the business owners I serve for their tenacity and conviction.

Well, after near a decade in the corporate world of the payment industry, using my clients as role models,  I followed the entrepreneurial spirit of my customers and founded Arrow Business Solutions LLC.  As an independent payment consultant and merchant advocate I thrive to serve my customers with integrity, truth, common sense, and in-depth knowledge of the world of payments, security and beyond.

I reside in beautiful southwest Montana with hubby Vince, three dogs, cat and horses.  Besides owning Arrow Business Solutions I have been active in supporting various community help organizations such as Eagle Mount, Rotary, Museum of the Rockies, Salvation Army, Mason Moore Foundation.

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