This “Terms” page of Arrow Business Solutions LLC’s website (from here on in known as “ABS”) shall be used to govern any and all user’s (from here on in known as “User”) use of said website and informs the User about ABS’s Terms & Conditions. By using this website the User agrees to the Terms & Conditions of this website as stated below.

The terms of this “Terms” page have the same meanings as the terms of the “Privacy” page of this website unless otherwise defined in this Terms Policy.


  1. Users must be 18 years of age or older and/or deemed by law to be able to be held legally responsible for their actions.
  2. ABS has a reasonable right to assume and expect Users will read and comply with the Terms and Conditions of this website upon each visit, as they may change. If User disagrees, or does not accept any and all these conditions, User is not given permission to visit and cannot use this website for any reason.
  3. User(s) agree any legal actions associated with this website will be filed in, and under the Jurisdiction of the 18th Judicial District Court in Gallatin County, Montana. User further agrees the Terms and Conditions will be governed, reviewed and ruled on solely by and from Montana Laws and fully under Montana’s Jurisdiction.   User agrees any legal action in a Federal Court must be filed in venue remain in, The U.S. District Court in Helena, Montana.  
  4. User agrees ABS will be reimbursed for any and all legal fees and costs associated with defending any case brought against ABS from use of this website, including collections costs.
  5. Should User breech the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, User agrees to indemnify ABS to the fullest extent against any and all liabilities, civil actions, costs, criminal actions, expenses, damages, slanders, defamation of character, copy right infringements, etc. User agrees this list in not all inclusive or limited and indemnification is applied to any and all aspects of any breech.
  6. The use of this website is only as is. ABS does not guarantee there are no faults or issues, or mistakes listed or to any of the context and/or information listed herein.  
  7. In no case can ABS, or ABS’s agents, CEO, director’s, board members or its employees, be held liable for any issue, directly, indirectly, consequently, or specifically connected to this website.
  8. User is given limited right(s) to access this website solely for the purpose of reviewing the context within for potentially doing business with, or as a client of, ABS and to contact ABS from this website. However, ABS retains ownership, rights and privileges to any and all intellectual property on this website that ABS developed.
  9. If any User posts any content, including but not limited to, writings, audio, video, pictures, slogans, etc., on this website, User agrees to grant ABS the full right to then collect the information and to use and distribute it as ABS desires.   ABS retains the sole right to delete any content, in part, or in full, that is posted on this website. User further agrees that any content they may post on this website is exclusively within their legal and/or moral rights to do so.
  10. All Terms and conditions may be reviewed and/or changed by ABS at any time per ABS’s discretion, wants and needs.
  11. ABS at their discretion can reassign, change, transfer, add, delete, subcontract, etc., any or all of the content without notification to any person or company who has used this website. However User has no rights to do so.
  12. If any of the Terms and Conditions are ruled to be invalid under applicable and enforceable Montana or Federal Law, said Term and Condition shall be removed without affecting the remaining Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.
  13. The Terms and Conditions above are the entire Agreement between ABS and the User for any and all use(s) associated with, from and to, this website and supersedes any and all prior Terms and Condition Agreements and/or understandings associated with it.
  14. ABS may update this Terms policy from time to time.
  15. User may contact administrator of this website per email to or mail to Arrow Business Solutions LLC, P.O. Box 482, Three Forks MT, 59752
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